Celebrating Easter in 2024

Colorful Easter eggs in basket. Children gathering painted decoration eggs in spring park. Kids hunt for egg outdoors. Festive family traditional play game on Easter.

How to color eggs for Easter 2024?

Coloring eggs is one of the main attributes of the Easter holiday. There are many ways and techniques of coloring eggs. You can use both chemical dyes and natural materials, such as onion husks, red pepper, beets or blueberries. You can also apply various patterns and designs to the eggs, using brushes, stickers or special templates.

What to cook for Easter 2024?

One of the main dishes for Easter is a kulich — a lush sweet pastry, which should definitely be baked by yourself. Also on the festive table, as already mentioned, you can not do without eggs: they can simply be colored or used as stuffing for Easter kulichs. You can also prepare lamb dishes, which symbolize Christ.

Other traditional Easter dishes include Easter pie, baked fish, crumbly potatoes, and green pea soup. It is also important to take into account regional peculiarities: in different regions of Russia different dishes are prepared, which are connected with the traditions and customs of the peoples living in these territories.

How are the Easter rituals in 2024?

In 2024, traditions and customs are still as important for Christians. The main rite of Easter is the Sunday service, which begins before dawn and is accompanied by chants and the ringing of bells. After the service, believers gather at the church, exchange eggs and congratulate each other on the holiday. Also in some regions there are common customs of bathing in ice-holes, launching eggs from slides, etc.

Some interesting facts about Easter:

  • The first mention of celebrating Easter is found in the ancient Hebrew tradition. It was associated with the historical event when the Jews, while in slavery in Egypt, were freed by God and came out of it under the leadership of Moses.
  • Kulich, one of the traditional Easter dishes, must be baked without the use of yeast;
  • Easter concerts and Easter egg exhibitions are held in some regions of Russia, such as Moscow.
  • In Russian tradition, it is customary to dye Easter eggs red, which symbolizes the blood of Christ that was shed to save people.
  • In some countries, such as Greece, it is traditional to launch balloons into the sky on Easter to symbolize the resurrection of Christ.

If you are planning to celebrate Easter in 2024, don’t forget to buy all the necessary products to prepare traditional dishes in advance. Easter Day will be on May 5, a warm spring day, which means the sun will rise early and the celebration will begin with a morning service. If you want to participate in the Easter rituals, check the service schedule at your nearest church a few days in advance. Of course, it is best to spend this day in the circle of loved ones, because the feast of Holy Easter is a time of reunion, light and family warmth.

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